silverxomunat - Impregnating Your Step Mom

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Description: Official Description from ManyVids:....I'm trying to go out with my girlfriends & you stop to let me know you found out I've been cheating on your day. I plea you to not show your dad the pictures & I make a compromise with you....I'll stop cheating on your dad as long as I can have you whenever I want. You don't like the idea at first but I seduce you into letting it happen....I take you into my and your dad's bedroom and ride you until I cum. Switching positions to let you finish too when you confess you've always wanted to impregnate me....One thing leads to another and...

Unofficial Description: Your Step Mom has been cheating on your Dad. She is just a bad girl, she is just too horny. You've taken photos to blackmail your Step Mom. She doesn't know what to do. She is frustated she can't get any action in this house. She tells you if she can fuck you she will stop cheating. It's a win win situation as you always dreamed about fucking her and thisd beautiful body. She starts to seduce you by kissing you. She starts talking dirty to you, she tells you how you always imagined her lips around your dick, and these big breasts swallowing your cock. You follow her into the bedroom, where she begins to ride you, she takes her top off to show her big bouncy tits. As she continues to ride you, she climaxes on your dick. Now it's your turn to cum. You fuck her in missionary and tell her how you want to impregnate your mommy. She enjoys your dick, but isn't so sure about that. She is so turned on, she doesn't care. You begin to thrust into her juicy wet pussy. With every thrust you come closer to your ultimate fantasy. You can't stop moaning. She is excited to have her good boy's big load inside of her. You explode inside of her. You are just in another dimension. You didn't waste a single drop. All of that cum is inside of her pussy. She is so proud of you. Your cum is just dripping out of her. You completely filled her up. You both make an agreement that you can fuck each other whenever you both feel like it.
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