[Manyvids] AuroraXoxo - Your Mom Is A Nudist

Duration: 10:21 Views: 2.2K Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Your mom has a confession to make... She went to a nudist park. And loved it! Now she wants to be nude around the house, and you reluctantly agree. Until it actually happens, and she encourages you to join not realizing that you're hard as a rock... You need to relieve yourself, and to your surprise.... she joins in!


Note there is a large watermark in the corner of the screen, but I think it's on all her newer clips
Also the sound balance is pretty off in the latter part of the clip - the TV in the background is louder than she is.

Aurora is your mom - she lets you know she wants to be a nudist and you agree that she can get naked around the house.

This leads to her sitting naked on the couch eating popcorn and watching TV - she wants you to join in - clothes can be so constrictive.

When you get naked she notices your hardon, which leads to her fingering herself.
Models: AuroraXoxo