Mama Fiona - Mom Blows You In The Kitchen

Duration: 11:28 Views: 3.7K Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Official Description: I'm cleaning the kitchen and I can see you staring at me... checking out your hott mom. You can never keep your eyes off me can you? hehe its okay sweetie, I understand. But you have that lusty look in your eye. Is there... is there something your mom can help you with hunny? II think there is...and you know I'll do anything for my son :)

Unofficial Description: You check your mommy out while she is cleaning the kitchen. She notices it and know what you want from her. Mommy just can't deny any wishes from her good boy. She begins to suck you off while looking directly in your sweet eyes. At the end she wants you to fuck her face. You explode in her mouth. She is so happy with you.
Models: Mama Fiona