Arena Rome - Hot Yoga Mom

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Description: You've had this recurring dream now 3 nights in a row. You join a hot yoga class which is out of the ordinary for you and there is this one big-titted brunette MILF on the far side of the room with an amazing heart shaped ass in some really hot high end yoga pants. You feel embarrassed that your cock is raging hard and there is just no way to hide it and then in the next instance you are buried balls deep pounding this MILF doggy style for all she is worth and everyone else in the room has disappeared, right when you are about to flip this lady on her back to hit it missionary style you wake up before you see her face. Same dream, same result you awaken in a pool of sweat drenched in your own cum. This morning is different, same lady same room same positions same everything except this time when you flip the lady over you realize that it is your mom and instead of turning away in revulsion your cock gets even harder and you start fucking even harder and right when you are about cum, you wake up. This is surreal, you get out of bed determined to go rub one out in the shower and try to wash some of the guilt away from what you've been dreaming about but you want to grab a cup of coffee first. While passing through the living room on your way to coffee, sure as , there is your mom on her yoga mat practicing her poses. Is this a sign? There really is only one way to find out!

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