Dara's Daily Taboo - Mommys Cure For Morning Wood

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Description: It's Sunday morning, and we've all got to get going for church. My lazy son is still in bed, and it' starting to get late! I bring his laundry into his room to put it away. I can't believe I'm still doing his laundry... I'm trying to get him out of bed, but he won't budge. He seems a bit weird, why won't he just get out of bed? He's not even moving! I pull the blanket down and then I understand. That's quite funny, he has morning wood, and is shy to get out of bed! I tell him it's natural and it's ok to walk around with an erection on Sunday morning. He is shy, so I console him. It just so happens, I have the perfect cure for morning wood. I explain to him the best way to get rid of morning wood, and start touching him. He can't be walking around church with a boner! I get comfortable and begin to help him with his erection. It won't take too long, we do have to go soon. At least this way he won't get a boner for a couple of hours. We just need to release his load and he can get on with the day.

My best cure for morning wood is quite simple, and takes about 10 minutes. I start with a slow but firm hand job, and slowly build up to a medium pace. Then, I get some oil on my hands, and continue to stroking and jerking the cock, now the oil lets me hold it very firm while it slides nicely up and down in my tight fist. The trick is, to have my nipples showing out from underneath my blouse. I also like to make it so he can see my pussy through my sheer panties. This helps the morning wood stay very hard during the treatment. After about five minutes of this firm stroking, it really helps build up the release if I put it in my mouth and suck his dick, nice and slow. This way, he builds up and releases all his hot cum, curing his morning wood.

I am the best mum ever, he can always count on me to help him. That's a good boy, going to cum for mummy. I ask him if he would rather cum on mommy's tits, or in her mouth? I think he is having trouble deciding! I decide to use my secret technique. Now that I've got his very hard dick warmed up, I rub it against my nipple nice firmly, and I can see it makes him want to cum all over mummy tits. He really likes that, I keep doing it firmly but slowly, and he erupts! He lets out a giants morning wood load all over my tits! The feeling of my nipple against his cock gave him just the push he needed to release that cum and cure his morning wood! Now we'd better get going, or we'll be late!

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