Sloansmoans - Punished by Mommy

Duration: 8:10 Views: 8.1K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Watch as I confront my son about some smokes I found on him. I'm angry and disappointed. I tell you how upset I am and how you need punishment. I look around to make sure no one is watching and I go up close to you and to your surprise, I kiss you. You're confused but I tell you not to act so shocked. How do you think you became so naughty? You've got yourself a naughty mommy. I take my shirt and bra off and tell you to open your mouth to suck on my tits like a good boy. You don't so I pry your mouth open and put my boobs in your mouth. You suck on them like a good obedient son. I then reach down to take your pants off and find that you are hard for me. I act disgusted and tell you how wrong it is for you to be hard for me. I start sucking your cock for just a little while until I tell you to lay down... You listen to me and I tell you that you're going to hold still while I ride you. I sooth and hush you as I get on top and begin to fuck my son. I bring my boobs to your face and tell you to suck on them once again. Suddenly I hear someone get home and I tell you that I have to finish quickly. I ride you faster until I cum. As I orgasm I give you the full view of my face as I moan sensually..
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