[Primal's POV Family Lust] Kit Mercer - Mother's Indecent Proposal

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Description: Mom's never really enjoyed working, and she's been blowing through everything she got in her divorce from dad. Now that I inherited a HUGE stack of money from my grand uncle she has been acting the way she used to with dad. I'm laying out by the pool now that I don't have to work anytime soon and mom comes out to show me her new bikini. I can feel the hints she dropping even before her hands are running up and down my thighs.

Later mom's on her way out and wants to know if her dress is too sexy, and if I think she's sexy...

Part Two

Mom was really taking good care of me for a while, and I ended up agreeing to taking care of the bills, for now. But, I realize I like her having to come to me and ask for what she wants. So, when I am having breakfast and she comes up to talk to me before going to work I don't really say anything. And I don't have too. Mom knows what she has to do if she wants me to help her out and she doesn't really hesitate
Models: Kit Mercer