Molly Darling - Bathtime With Mommy

Duration: 12:12 Views: 3.3K Submitted: 10 months ago
Description: Solo with mom roleplay, she gets naked, uses a dildo to give virtual blowjob, later virtual sex in reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, ends with virtual creampie.

You've had a bad day, you're stressed out and feeling upset.. Mommy knows exactly what to do! She is going to run one of her special bubble baths for you. It will be just like old times. Mommy runs a lovely hot bubble bath for you and tells you to take off your clothes. You get naked and ready and so does Mommy. She climbs in the bath and the sight of her bare breasts gets you all excited. You're a little embarrassed but Mommy tells you it's okay, it's perfectly natural. You're a big boy now and you're bound to get excited at the sight of a woman's body. She asks to have a look and she gently caresses and kisses your hard cock. Mommy sucks your cock in the bath and it feels so good. Mommy knows a really special, nice way to get you squeaky clean. She turns around and shows you her pussy and asshole, dripping with bath water and bubbles. She is super clean, so when she sits on top of you, she will get your penis clean too. Mommy sits down on top of you and rides your cock. It feels wrong..but it's okay, this is what Mommies and Sons are supposed to do. You fuck Mommy's pussy and she tells you how good it feels to have her son inside of her again. Lastly Mommy climbs on top of you and rides you, giving you gentle encouragement to cum inside of her pussy. You release a huge load and she praises you on how much of a good boy you are.
Models: Molly Darling