[Lady Fyre] Impregnating Stepmother - Mindfuck

Duration: 11:29 Views: 5.0K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: This is a mindfuck clip. There is "flashback footage" in the middle & a "mind fuck layer" of mesmerizing voice.
You're a married man now, & I'm afraid you're slipping out of My grasp. I must regain control of you in order to control My husband's (your step-father's) fortune. You come over to have your step-father sign some papers, but I'm waiting for you, ready to mesmerize you again. You can't help but stare at My thighs covered in black pantyhose, and you fall under My spell. While you're under, I reveal to you that I'm pregnant & I lie to you & tell you that it's yours. I implant the memory of you having sex with Me.

(The tension builds until it's too much. You rip my pantyhose & shove your big cock inside me. I tell you to fuck step-mommy & you drill me until I cum hard. But then... the worst thing happens... and you cum inside me! Oh no! I'm pregnant. What are we going to do?)
Once you're awake, your subconscious will recall this information, and you will feel your paternal instinct calling to you to protect Me & My unborn step-son at all costs-- even if it means ruining your marriage.
Models: Lady Fyre