[WCA Productions] Melanie Hicks - Mom Keeps Getting The Wrong Room

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Description: This is the full and complete series of Step-Mom Keeps Getting The Wrong Room.

Part 1

My step-dad got a huge bonus at work and rented a big lake house for the whole family to enjoy, it was really great getting to see the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. we had already been at the lake for a few days when i stayed in bed late, i got up for breakfast. i walked into the living room and found step-mom sipping on some wine, she asked my why i wasn't out on the lake with everyone else. i told her i didn't want to get early and just felt like relaxing today, that's when noticed step-mom sipping on some wife herself. i teased her about it and she told me she was on vacation too! we asked about each others plans for the day, step-mom and step-dad were going to a kegger that night and i was just going to relax around the lake house and play video games on the big screen. much later that night while i was laying in bed trying to dose off my door opened up and step-mom stumbled in obviously really tipsy. she started talking to me thinking i was step-dad and with lights off she couldn't see my face. i tries to tell her it was me but she was so tipsy she wouldn't listen, she said was super horny and started to undress, she said she wanted to suck some dick and told me to take my pants off. i knew it was wrong but i was raised to obey my parents and step-mom said she really wanted to suck dick so who was i to try and tell her she had the wrong room. step-mom deep throated me like a champ, this is gonna be a great vacation!

Part 2

My parents rented a lake house and invited the whole family out for a fun vacation. last night all the adults when over to the neighbors house for a party, a couple of hours later step-mom stumbled in the room really tipsy. she started talking about how horny she was and she really thought i was my step-dad, one thing led to another and step-mom gave me an amazing blowjob. when i opened my eyes this morning and looked over and noticed my step-mom wasn't there, i was sure what to do or say when i saw step-mom. i found step-mom drinking coffee in the kitchen and looking really hungover. before i could even say anything step-mom started talking very harshly, she told me she wasn't sure what happened last night but she just wanted to forget about it and move on. she told me to make sure i go to bed early tonight, the whole family was going out on the boat tomorrow morning to watch the sun rise. for the rest of the day me and step-mom kept our distance from each other, the adults were going to stay up drinking when i went to bed. a couple of hours later step-mom stumbled in my room again really buzzed, i tried to talk to her but she shushed me. she told me she had fun last night and wanted to have some more. she stripped completely naked and started sucking my dick and before long she was riding my dick and telling me to cum in her!

Part 3

When i opened my eyes this morning i looked over to the other side of my bed and saw my step-mom was still there and she was naked! here eyes were still closed so i did what any teenage boy would do in that situation, i stated playing with my slumbering moms tits! before long her eyes slowly opened and she shot up, she asked what was happening and then it seemed to all come back to her. she realized that last night she stumbled into her sons room pretty tipsy and fucked the hell out of him:) step-mom was obviously upset but the something popped into her head, she remember that the whole family was suppose to be going out on the lake to watch the sunrise and we were late. step-mom ran out of the room and i got dressed really fast, a couple of minutes later i walked out onto the living room and found step-mom drinking coffee on the couch. i asked her where everyone was and she told me we missed the boat and so everyone was gone. she was pretty upset but since we were both alone i figured we could maybe have some fun. step-mom was not having it but i slowly pushed my had up moms leg and and pushed my fingers inside of her. she tried to protest but before long she was moaning with pleasure and soon gushed all over my hand. after that it was no problem getting step-mom naked and having her start sucking my dick. i fucked my step-mom up against the window and we both watch our family pull the boat up to the dock as i was cumming in her!
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