Mama Fiona - My Homewrecking Son

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Official Description: Someone is due for a scolding - because I am NOT happy with you. I just got off the phone with boyfriend who told me all the mean things you've been saying to him... and I am very disappointed. You can't be this possessive over me and go to the great lengths of trying to ruin EVERY relationship that I get into! It isn't healthy. You and I have a very special relationship and that will never change! You will NOT continue to homewreck your MOTHER in this way... I assure you - NOTHING will change. SO - I scold you, and assure you that, just as long as you ask politely for some of your MOTHER's attention bb, that's allll you have to do. Now, if you promise me that you will stop homewrecking me... I'm happy to give you some of that attention right now. JUST to prove to you, that it'll be me and you forever. Mom & Son forever. Alright?
Unofficial Description: Mommy is mad at you. She just got off the phone with her boyfriend to find out you wanna ruin this relationship too. She reassures you nothing will change between you and mommy. She will always be there for you. After a serious talk she starts to grab your dick. She just knows how much you need your mommy. She beings to suck your dick and knows how happy it makes you. She starts to undress so you can also see her beautiful boobies. She continues sucking until you cum in her mouth. She gives you a kiss at the end. She loves her good boy.
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