[ManyVids] Xev Bellringer - Mommy is Pregnant

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The mother of all Xev Bellringer videos is finally here (pardon the pun). Xev is pregnant after all, as we all knew though many still doubted. Of course, she takes this opportunity to make an incest video because why not?
Xev is preparing for her baby to arrive when you (her son) begin to ask her about what is going on. You are a sheltered lad and curious, I guess. She reassures you that you will always be her favorite and lets you explore her pregnant body. She lets you examine her belly, then her enlarged tits. While you are there she basically breastfeeds you. Then you look at her vagina. The examination is over with, but you are erect... so Xev wants to take care of that right away. You fuck your pregnant mother until you cum inside her. The entire time Xev is talking in a very warm and sweet motherly voice, with lots of mommy talk.
It's difficult to judge a video like this. I'm not into pregnancy at all, but I love Xev. This video and many others will be extremely awkward for her child when they eventually discover them.
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