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Everyone at school knew what your mother did. It was no secret. With your two best friends, no less. They heard how John and Daron groped her in the car, the things they did to her naked body in the backseat... how they used her, and how she liked it. And it was all true. How could she?? You were angry... and jealous. You had a right to know everything, you were her son. You'd MAKE her tell you every last dirty detail, no matter how persistent your mother was denying it. Even now as she sat there, her big breasts were falling out of that lacy lingerie, and her hands were wandering over her body as she reluctantly confessed. You could tell... she would do it all over again. Let them grope her, let them fuck her. Your mother, the slut. She'd be your slut too. You reached out and grabbed her hand, planting it on your crotch. She felt it, your hard cock. You'd make her rub it, stroke it... all the while relaying what happened in that car. How they stripped her naked in the back, and how they penetrated her mouth... and her pussy. She'd have no choice but to make you cum, whether she liked it or not.
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