Xev Bellringer - Mommy Insists On Swallowing

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Your friends said they wanted to do what to me? Oh sweetie, I understand how that’d make you feel uncomfortable, but it’s only natural for growing boys to explore their sexuality. And you are the same age as they are, right? You must be feeling conflicted about being attracted to your mother. I love you so much sweetheart, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable around Mommy so let’s talk about this.
The only way we will overcome this tension and confusion is by directly confronting what makes my big boy so worked up. It’s OK for you to feel this way for Mommy because I am an attractive, mature woman. Your friends probably talked about Mommy’s big, full breasts and you began to look at me in a different way, right honey? I want you to look at them now, sweetie, you need to confront the source of your discomfort. That’s better. Now honey, you should reach out and touch them. See? Don’t you feel like a weight has been lifted?
Oh…sweetheart. You are excited for Mommy. That’s OK, in fact I was kind of hoping this would happen. Instead of handling your erection in private, Mommy wants to take care of this together. Time to take off your pants, don’t be shy honey.
Fantasy includes: taboo, blow job, mommy/son, cumshot, cum in mouth, dirty talk, cleavage, pov
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