[MissaX] Krissy Lynn - Taboo Triangle ep. 1

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Description: It's early in the morning and Chad is pacing the floors of his father and step-mother's house. Krissy comes out of their bedroom in her pajamas and is surprised to see Chad dressed, "want some pancakes?" Chad turns down his favorite breakfast and Krissy knows something is amiss."The company is handing out the year end bonus at the Holiday party and I have to win that money. The problem is that Mrs. bates can't know I'm getting a divorce. She doesn't believe in divorce, she calls it "failure," and "the downfall of the traditional family and society's Christian values." Krissy looks puzzled, "this is the 21st century, surely she doesn't think that." Chad nods and explains how she laid off a long-time employee conveniently after his divorce finalized.

Chad looks at his mother, desperate that she'll come up with some plan as she always seems to do. He'll take any idea at all. Chad zones out, the burgundy red of Krissy's hair reminds him of her sexy little burgundy dress she used to wear in local dancing competitions. Krissy always wanted to go on one of those competitive dance shows, tangoing with celebrities, and twirling around in expensive dresses, and traveling the world. She probably would have made it too, if Dad would have allowed her the opportunity to audition.. but no, he thought she should stay at home and raise the family. The video includes blowjob, fucking in standing doggy, cowgirl and missionary positions and a cumshot on tits.
Models: Krissy Lynn