[MissaX] Cherie Deville and Jill Kassidy - Obsession [Ep. 3]

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Description: Text description: Son and his girlfriend (Jill Kassidy) finally meets his Mom (Cherie Deville). After some dialogue the son and his girlfriend have a private conversation. The son proceeds to blow off his girlfriend in favour of his mother. The following day the son makes up with his girlfriend and his mom watches.

I won't spoil the rest.

Studio: MissaX.com

Performers: Cherie Deville, Jill Kassidy and Chad White

Hardcore sex, girlfriend/mom fantasy, blowjob, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl

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There are two women in my life, my mom and my girlfriend. There's been a tension between the two, and they haven't even met yet. They both think that the other occupies too much of my time.

To be fair to Jill, she's probably right. I told you before that my m needs me, I've been taking care of her ever since she left dad. My mom can "act out" just as a young girl would when I don't give her enough attention. It drives me crazy when my m volunteers to work late, and then oops-- she fell asleep at work. I need to know where she is and what she's up to. My mom has a tendency to get into trouble, she is an attractive woman, a vulnerable woman, and the two are not a good mix. She needs me to protect her.

Mom wants to meet Jill, and I get it. Jill's my first serious girlfriend. Jill's been pressuring me to go away to college with her, all the way on the East Coast. Jill has my best interests at heart, I need to go to a University to land the job of my dreams, but on the other hand, could I leave m? I need to explain to Jill that I can't, she's just not ready yet, but I need to find the right time. Jill would take it hard, she is in love with me.

This morning Jill will meet my mom. I sincerely hope the two women get along so well that we'll all be one big happy family.

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Models: Cherie Deville