[MissaX] - The Getaway IV

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Description: The Getaway IV

36:39 video

Includes: Jessica Ryan in her FIRST Missax performance, Mommy seduction, cum in mouth, creampie, masturbation, JOI

I come into my sons bedroom, the oldest boy is in the lower bunk and I wake him up. He is used to me coming in to wake him up. I have a special affection for my young man, he and I are very similar in spirit, he keeps me company when I am lonely. He is surprised to see me packing my suitcase and I tell him that we are going away!

"Yes, I know it's the middle of the night, but let's go on an adventure!" His father and I are getting a divorce and I really need out of the house. I already called my son's school to tell them he will be gone for a week. I've been planning this surprise for a little while now.

We begin to drive and his incessant yawning makes me feel a little guilty for peeling him out of bed. "We should stop at the next hotel we find, this little town should have one.." I put my hand in his and smile warmly. I love my son and I know he loves me, it feels good to be getting away with him.

My son lays on the bed, his eyes watching me as usual, he wants me to forget about Dad for the weekend. He tells me that he would never turn out like his father, that he would be a very good husband to his wife, and that if he would choose a woman just like me. I giggle at the thought. "I appreciate that," I tell him, "but you should not tell that to your mother, although it feels so good."

I begin to get ready for bed, but I am so turned on by my son's new masculine body. He's getting to be an older boy now, and oh.. the way he looks at me reminds me of how I was chased by the boys when I was in High School. I know he admires me, but he also finds me beautiful? I begin to touch myself at the thought of being with a young man just like him. I try to imagine a different face as I finger my pussy but all I can think about it my son. A soft moan escapes my lips, my pussy is so wet, my son hears me through the paper thin walls, and his cock aches for me.

He strokes his cock to my moans and I cum. I feel a little ashamed for dreaming of sleeping with my son, but I shake the thought off, I put a towel around me, and peek around the corner to see if he is sleeping. His eyes are shut but he is listening to my every move. I kiss him on the corner of the mouth and tell him, "sleep tight." I turn off the lamp and my previous orgasm makes me sleep fast and heavy. I feel a hard, throbbing cock touch my bum, and my eyes are wide with shock. "He must be sleeping," I ask myself. I look over my shoulder and see that he has moved to my side of the bed, his body is pressed against mine, and I realize that he wants me, he wants me just as bad as I want him. I want to taste him. I desperately want to see his cock, to feel it. I want his cock in my mouth.

I tell him a way to make it right as I peel the blanket off his muscular body. I taste the precum. I smile, he tastes so sweet. I suck his cock passionately, my eyes locked on his. My pussy begins to feel wet, I try to tell myself that I won't go all the way. I continue to satisfy him, my pillowy lips bob up and down on his hard shaft, and he begins to buck his hips in sync with me. I ache for him. My pussy won't be satisfied until I feel my son's thick cock spread me apart.

I know my son is a virgin, but I must have him, I must be his first. I gasp as I feel my son's bulbous head inside my tiny, pink pussy. "There will never be any woman better than your mother," I purr to him. I am grateful for every centimeter of my son's thick boy meat, as he thrusts deep into my pussy, in and out, until we both shake with a tremendous release. I play with the cum in my pussy as he watches me with wide eyes. I need to teach my dirty boy how to clean up, he'll get his young cock nice and hard to fuck Mommy in the shower. 2016

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