MissaX - Can You Last? II: Mommy Edition (reverse rape porn)

Duration: 11:43 Views: 14K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Make mommy cum or else...It's your 18th birthday, you remember Mommy waking you up, then you vaguely remember rolling around bound and gagged inside of a trunk, and now you are finally coming into consciousness, tied to a table. You see an interrogation light, and the smell of some old dusty place with Mommy's perfume, your eyes jet around and then you see her. She's dressed like a dominatrix, wearing the familiar gloves you've seen adorn her hands when she goes out at night, her favorite red heels, she smiles warmly and tells you why you've been tied up.It's now time to make Mommy cum. You feel the cold steel in your mouth, but Mommy promises not to hurt you unless you can make her cum. Can you handle Mommy's tight, wet pussy sliding up and down on your hard cock. Mommy purrs, "be a good boy," as she smiles at you wickedly. The pressure is high when your life is at stake.

My Description:

The son is tied up and she gets on top and gives him a handjob until he cums, looks fake though.
Right after that she rides him until he cums inside her. Camera is partially POV Style. Features: Reverse Rape Porn