[Missax] - The Mother Experience II

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Description: The Mother Experience II
29:42 video
Includes: Penny Pax, Alex Legend, Mom/son bodyswap, blowjob, epic creampie
It's my darling son's birthday and I cheerfully enter his room. I don't want to dampen his day, but I have something very important to tell him. His grandmother left him the sole heir to her CD accounts and since he is eighteen, he is able to withdrawal the money. I've been a single mother for a long time and have had to work two jobs since his father left. I took it upon myself to gift myself a break courtesy of my late mother, and my son is going to help me with the back mortgage and bills. There is one big problem, he's not thrilled with the idea at all.
He has plans to use the money for a prestigious private university in New York. I try to reason with him, "why don't you go to a nice junior college, close to Mommy?" He scoffs at me and crosses his arms. I remember that students who score high on the entrance exam get a significant discount, and that discount could come in handy, but he has already taken the test with a score just high enough to enter the college with the standard tuition. I have one last idea to solve our problem, my swap rocks, they are good for one last use.
Alex rolls his eyes, "mom, please don't tell me any of your fairytale stories, not on my birthday." I will prove to him that my swap rocks are far from science fiction. I explain, "you'll be inside of my body, I'll be inside of yours, and I'll make certain that I pass the exam, and then we'll have enough to pay the bills and the tuition." He's entertains my idea, I have a knack for convincing my son to see my point of view. I show him the glowing rock and his eyes light up in interest, we hold hands to complete the circuit, and electricity courses through our bodies. He grits his teeth, I can feel the burning sensation in my veins, I grasp him tighter so he doesn't break the swap. The lights flicker, the rocks glow brighter, hotter, green and blue, and I feel energy being pulled from my body, I try my hardest to open my eye and see that he is feeling it too, it's working! We feel one last surge when our energy is exchanged and it nearly throws us off the bed. I wake up a minute after my son is testing out my body, standing awkwardly in my heels, and he's exploring his new lighter frame. I see my old body look at me with his same mischievous sparkle in his eye, he has a plan, and I hope I can talk him out of whatever he is scheming.
Watch the story unfold.. 2016

The sexual related acts include tit rubbing, oral, cunnilingus, fingering, spooning & a vaginal creampie at the end.
Models: Penny Pax