MissaX - It's Been A While (Codey Steele, RayVeness)

Duration: 44:59 Views: 59K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Studio : MissaX
Cast : Codey Steele, RayVeness
Length : 44 minutes

Paul (Codey Steele) heads home after years in prison, and is greeted at the door by Alice (RayVeness), a stepmother he's never met. He's chagrined that his father isn't there to meet him. "You can call me mom if you want to", says the mature lady. "He's away on a business trip" is her response to her husband's absence.

"He told me you had rehabilitated and you needed a safe place to go back to", she notes. But when Paul goes to his old bedroom, he finds all his belongings and keepsakes are gone. She tells him that dad put his stuff in storage years ago and failed to pay the storage fee. "He did that to punish me. He's ashamed of me and I don't blame him" is Paul's reaction.

Paul is blunt: "I haven't been with a woman in a while... You're a beautiful woman so at least my dad had good taste". "Paul, welcome home", she says. "Thanks mom", he responds quietly.

In the morning she pauses at his bedroom door to watch him doing pushups - for a fleeting few moments she has an erotic fantasy of Paul making love to her. Seeing her at the door he stops and notes: "That's one good thing about prison, you kinda get used to a routine".

They chat lightly about sex, Alice saying "I'm not a prude". Starting to flirt Paul says" I can feel the sparks between us". Later she sees him lying on his bed reading an old journal he found. He reads to her about his youthful jottings from years past about dates with girls and more serious matters, like his sadness at the death of his mother. "I wish I could take all your pain and suffering away...I see you as my son", Alice tells him. "I wish I could see myself through your eyes", he replies.

They kiss, and soon the walls between these two strangers fall and they're making mad love on his bed - Alice's pent-up passion released.

Passionate sex includes: taboo talk, creampie AND a cumshot.
This marks Adult CInema Hall of Fame star RayVeness's first story-based movie role after a hiatus lasting six years.