MissaX.com - Sinfully Sweet Mommy

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Description: Sinfully Sweet Mommy

Includes: Starring Josette Duval, two cum shots: cum in mouth, creampie

My little boy hasn't been himself lately and I insist he tell me what the problem is. He tells me that all the other boys his age have had sex and he is teased for being a virgin. I want my son to wait for a young woman similar to myself, proper and classy, but he is aching to experience a woman. He tells me, "I haven't even been kissed yet!" I kiss him on the lips, a sweet peck, but he wants more and a part of me wants to give him more. I kiss him, we embrace, and he begs me to stick a finger inside. "I just want to know how it feels," he says sweetly. The next thing I know I am looking over my shoulders at my son's hungry eyes as he pumps his fingers in and out of my wet pussy. What's so wrong about being his first? He lays me down on the coffee table and pumps his thick cock in and out of me. I get on all fours so I can feel every centimeter of my son's cock, he pumps his cock in and out. We cum together. I feel the slippery, warm wetness in between my legs and tell him the naughty truth about our new relationship.