[MissaX.com] Claire Deneuve - Major Mom

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Description: Claire Deneuve - Major Mom

It's the morning of your birthday and you know what's coming, you've been training for years for this day. It's time to see if you and your cock is worthy for your Mommy, the Drill Sergeant. She tosses the blankets off of you and throws you in the pit. She stomps her heavy boot on your back while you give her 20 push ups, it's not enough.. she needs you to give her tripod pushups. You balance your muscular body on one arm as you lower your body to the floor, your dick is in the other hand as your stroke. It takes a lot of discipline to impress your Mom, and she's not going to give you the gift unless you earn it, it had better be big, Mommy likes it hard.

You're taken back when you are allowed to enter the perfectly pink, fluffy pussy, you almost forget yourself as you're told to shut your jaw. Mommy instructs you, you thrust, her green eyes pierce through you as your body is overwhelmed with pleasure, a bead of sweat trickles down your brow as Mommy tells you she wants it from behind. You obey Sergeant's orders, deep, balls deep, slow thrusting as you hear her moan. Your balls erupt inside of her, cum trickles down her pussy and onto your Spiderman sheets. You watch as she comes down from her orgasm to see what will happen next. "Go to the head and run the water at thirty-eight degrees celsius, Mommy wants to be fucked in the shower.