MissaX.com - A Son's Revenge

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Description: Includes: Lyra Law as mother, Robby Echo as vengeful son, creampie, rough sex

I know something's amiss in the home when I see mom leaving to go spend time with Grandma. Spending time with Grandma is a sort of charity, the old lady has dementia, and most of the time doesn't even know who she is. The doctor said she has just a few years left and Mom makes it clear that she can't wait until the old lady is in the ground, so why is it that now I see her spending her precious free time with Grandma? Mom is wheeling the lady around in the park, taking her to restaurants, museums, it's like my mother's cold heart has warmed up faster than you can say "what gives?"

I'm coming home when I see my mom's bedroom window curtain opened. I sneak around to the side of the house hoping to get a peek of her undressing. Don't judge me. I know what you're thinking. I know she is my mother but she is undeniably gorgeous. Just the thought of seeing her unhooking her bra and laying on the bed masturbating gets my dick hard as a rock. I hope she spreads her legs towards the window so I can see her pink pussy. That's happened one time in my life, two Summer's ago, it was near the 4th of July and her naked body, dewy with sweat, as she rubbed her pussy back and forth until she came. I thought for certain she would see me watching through the blinds, I had to bend them to get a perfect view, but I got away with it. The memory has been burned into my mind, my go to fantasy whenever I jerk off. I sneak up to the open window and watch her, she's on the phone. I walk closer, hoping she'll unbutton her pima cotton business blouse, and I listen to her conversation.

I realize she's not talking to Dad! She's talking to her lover, planning to run away with him to Paris once the inheritance clears. Inheritance? I'm confused, Grandma has a fuck-ton of money, but she's alive, and well.. that money is going to be divided up between Grandma's children (my aunts and uncles). I concentrate on her lips, I want to hear every word.

I learn that she slipped a pill into Grandma's daily meds to make her loopy, she took her to a crooked attorney and had her sign everything over to her. Mom gets Grandma's 3.4 million dollar savings when the old bird is admitted into a nursing home. I squint my eyes. I think of my hard working father, he loves mom.. has no idea she's a cheating whore, he has no idea she's a thieving cheating whore! Mom tells her lover that the attorney had to take 15% of the money, and she soothes her lover when he apparently thinks that's too big of a percentage. "He's going to keep it safe, anonymous, and legal," mom tells him sweetly, "and besides.. I talked him down from 25%." I feel my jaw tense up, my fist clench. I am furious with her. She's got to pay, I don't know how yet.

The moments passed so quickly that I don't even remember slamming open the front door and walking down the hallway to her bedroom. I flung the door open and nearly bumped into my mother as she was walking towards the door. She walked backwards, concern on her face, she must be suspicious that I know. My mother's slender body sits on the bed, her eyes look up and me, filling with tears. I feel powerful. I realize that she loves me, and I love her, but I want something from her.

I manipulate her, exploit her, take her in all the ways I've dreamt of. She'll do it or she'll go to jail, she'll do whatever I say or I'll tell my father on her. Her plan is foiled and now I've got her pretty little face slammed against the headboard as I ram my thick cock in and out of her tight little pussy. I fuck her little pussy until she's wet, swollen, whimpering for me. "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree," that's the old saying and it's true.