[MissaX.com] Cherie Deville - Bad Medicine IX

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Description: It's finally Friday, Chad's been looking forward to this day for a week, it's the last day that he's supposed to be grounded, he's a free man now! He rushes down the stairs, his head is full of horny thoughts of his beautiful girlfriend, Jill, and he doesn't hear his m greet him. He walks outside and looks for his car, it's gone, he throws his hands up in the air and goes back inside.

"M, where's my car?!" Cherie explains that the car is in his f's name, technically it's his car. Chad knows that his d takes the car away when he wants to punish him, but this is so unfair, it's the last day that's he's grounded. He fumes, "D is just a sad little man that wallows in his own self loathing and regret, he's envious of me, did you know?" Cherie looks at him with frustration and annoyance. Chad continues, "Jill comes over and he eyes her up and down, not like any other guy would do, he does it with envy, he's envious of me!" Cherie knows that Chad's d has issues, he hasn't been the best husband, and she realizes he hasn't been the best f, but she was hoping for a pleasant day with her s. Chad storms off and slams his bedroom door.

Cherie comes in with tea, relaxing tea. "Please baby, this always helps M relax, and I know it will help you too." Chad reluctantly drinks it, it tastes funny, but he forces it down his throat to please his m. It's not her fault that she's married to a "dick," as he commonly calls his f. Chad starts to feel pumping, there is something happening to his body, something he has never felt before. His forehead beads with sweat, his palms are cold and clammy, and he can feel his heart beat faster and faster..

Watch the story unfold..


Includes: Blowjob Reverse Cowgirl Cowgirl Handjob Doggystyle
Models: Cherie Deville