MissaX.com - Bad Medicine VI

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Description: Bad Medicine VI

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*Starring Ashlen Reed, Dennis Hoff's Hottest Bunny Ranch Babe in her very first erotic role.*

Includes: Three cumshots: hand, in mouth, cream pie, dirty mommy talk, son accidental "viagra" debacle It's the last day of school, finals!

I wake up my son, he tells me he's "not feeling well." My son has many attributes, he's quarterback on the High School football team, popular although he's shy, charming, but ambition is not one of his traits. I roll my eyes, he probably wants to stay home and play video games on the last day of school. I then see his face flushed pink and shame myself for thinking he was faking sick. I know! I have some pills from the doctor from last winter when I was sick, I'll give him a couple and he could power through his final exams. I smile proudly and leave to get the pills.I was so excited to get the pills that I accidentally slipped my son his father's boner pills! I give him 30 minutes to rest, and when I wake him, I see the biggest boner tent ever. I confess my accident and my son gets huffy with me. "It's ok darling, I'll take care of it." I know that if I leave it to him, he'll be fiddling around with his penis for hours in the bathroom, he is too young to understand how to navigate an erection properly. I take over and give him a hand job. I show him how his body reacts to my motherly touch, and he allows me to stroke him. I coo sexy sweet words to him as I stoke the boy off. He cums so hard, as expected, but what's this..? He still has an erection, raging hard.Time is ticking so I tell him that I will use my mouth. I blow my son. I'm getting so into having his cock into my mouth, it's dirty, fucked up, and I love it. He cums down my throat and I swallow it, I trace my lips with his wet, drippy dick, and tell him how much I love him. His erection is harder and bigger than ever. There's only one sure way to drain a young man's balls. I fuck my son. WATCH as my body fills with goosebumps in this HD video when he enters me from behind. I decide that he will stay home today after all, I'll call his teacher and make some excuse. I need to fuck him, over and over, I want to drain his young balls of every ounce of cum he can make for me.