[MissaX.com] Claire Deneuve - ADHD

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Description: Claire Deneuve - ADHD

Claire is upstairs in her bedroom. She lays in her dress from the office, trying to relax with a book but she can't seem to concentrate. Working double shifts as a single mother has been intense, and she is overcome by feelings of loneliness. "Maybe I shouldn't have divorced him," she thinks to herself. "No.. the thought is absurd. He was wrong for me everyone knew it." She begins to read again, but can't concentrate on the text, "..but I wish I had strong arms to hold me, lips to kiss mine," she sets her book down and puts her hands to her pillowy lips.

She then remembers her son is downstairs studying. She has no time to feel sorry for herself, she must make sure that her son is being productive and happy. She goes downstairs and hears the pages of a text book turning, she smiles, "he's studying for his term paper tomorrow." She walks through the living room and sees him sneak his iPad out of his backpack, begin to press the screen, and she interrupts, "Ah hah! Caught you, my sweet little boy!"

Her son has a paper due for class tomorrow and he hasn't even started! She looks at what he's been studying, more of his favorite subjects, the material that comes natural to him, science and mathematics. Mommy Claire smiles. "You're lucky you have me," she continues, "my papers won the Eng Lit contests at the University three years in a row.." Mommy begins to explain a brand new way of thinking about Literature when his eyes begin to drift to his shoes, his backpack, the door way. Mommy raises an eyebrow, "it's only polite to pay attention to me when I am speaking to you, I'm merely trying to help." Her son grabs a bottle of pills from his backpack begins to unscrew the top, when Mommy snatches them out of his hands to read the label. "ADHD?!" Her son explains that when his Dad had custody of him last week, he took him to a doctor and diagnosed him with Attention Deficit Disorder. "What utter nonsense," Mommy furrows her brow. "Of course you have trouble concentrating, all boys your age do."

Mommy tells him that he needs to release, he's too pent up to concentrate, and then he'll be ready to study. The boy turns beet red in embarrassment! Mommy rolls her eyes, she knows that this is a conversation that will need a lot more time than the night will allow. She decides to show him just how to masturbate, to get it over with in a hurry. It's a skill that Mommy has that she can teach her son. "There's no reason to be embarrassed."

Mommy doesn't realize that she feels so turned on by her masculine, handsome son. She enjoys the feeling of him watching her, the deep love they share, and feeling like a beautiful young girl who is seducing a boy, not specifically her son but the familiar feeling of seducing a young man that she hasn't had the opportunity to do in decades. Mommy shows him just how much she loves him. Her mouth kissing his cock, her tongue explores his throbbing shaft, she watches him as he breathes heavy, encouraging her to take more and more of him inside of her mouth. Her pussy is wet. She begs him to rub his cock against her, and then it all progressed so quickly. "I'm taking his virginity," she thinks to herself. She justifies it, "better me than some young girl who will only break his heart." She begs him to pound her deeper, and she throw her head back in pleasure. She wants her son's cum, she wants to orgasm with him, they cum together. "ADHD is such nonsense, all you need is your Mommy."