MissaX.com - Lingerie Shopping with Mother III

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Description: Lingerie Shopping with Mother III

Includes: Accidental boner causes embarrassed mother to help son release, blow job, sex

It's been two years since Mom and Dad got divorced and Mom wants me, her son, to go shopping with her. I can't think of anything more lame than shopping with Mom and I feel totally uncomfortable in women's lingerie shops. Mom sensed my embarrassment and told the saleslady, "I'll just take my son in the room with me." My cock twitched at the idea of being so close to Mom undressing. I've been able to sneak peeks at my mom when she's bathing, when she's in her bedroom changing, but now I get a front row seat of my sexy Mom wearing lingerie! Yes!

She starts with a satin pajama set and I see her lingerie she wears under her dress, she doesn't cover herself, instead she tells me that she wants my opinion. I lie and tell her I don't like it, just so she can try something else skimpier on. She asks me to cover my eyes when she takes off her bra. I cover my eyes and peek through my fingers, and I am getting away with it, she doesn't suspect a thing! I'm looking over my Mom's tits, ass, and she's such a babe. I know it's screwed up to think that, but she's perfect, the ideal woman with her raven black hair, her pillowy lips, full breasts, and hour glass shape. *knock knock knock!* The sales woman wants to know if Mom wants any different sizes. "No thanks," she sweetly replies.

Mom continues to tease and taunt my raging hard cock with her curves, and I stare intently trying to see the color of her perfect nips, the crevice of her pussy lips in her panties.. *knock, knock!* The sales woman is back wanting to know if she can be of help, mom rolls her eyes and politely declines. She then sees my erection and gasps. "Darling!" She looks through the closed curtain and back at me, she tries to hide my erection under my belt, and feeling my mom's hands on my cock just makes me harder, it's always been my dream to feel her touch me there. "They will think I am some type of pervert unless you get rid of your mmph... boner." She knows the sales lady personally, and she is the town gossip! She already raised an eyebrow when Mom told her, "he'll just come in the dressing room with me."

Mom MUST make my boner go away so she tries to tell me to look away while she strokes it. I almost explode from feeling her soft hand rub my precum down my throbbing shaft, but I try my best to keep it in. I've got to see what Mom will do next!

I see her fight with her thoughts, you can read her face. I know she wants to suck my dick, but on the other hand it's so wrong, she justifies it to herself and to me. She begins to kiss my cock, her hazel eyes locked with mine, she tastes me, her tongue dances around the tip of my dick. Her head bobs up and down on my cock and I want to cum inside of my Mom's warm mouth so badly, it takes everything I've got to resist it. I want it to last. I want to see if my Mom will give me ALL of her. I want my Mom's pussy. I've got to feel it and she's desperate enough to give it to me. She shows it to me at first, hoping I will blow from looking at her perfect pink flower, she's wet! I knew she liked sucking on my cock.

She eases down on my cock and the air escapes from my lungs. I hold my breath as I concentrate on Mom riding up and down on my shaft. I feel her deep, in her sweetest spot, and she looks over her shoulder and begs for my cum. I buck my hips in sync with her riding, and watch her lick her lips. I cum inside of her, she slides on her panties, wet with my cum and her's. She's going to buy everything. We leave the dressing room, the scent of our sex stays behind. I smile, I like shopping with Mom after all.
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