[Missax] Penny Pax (Penelope Ep. 1 - 03.07.2017) [720p] [Request]

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Description: Penny Pax stars in MissaX's first of four episodic series called "Penelope.” In our first episode Penelope shows up for court mandated psychiatry sessions with Dr. Alphonse. She grew up in the Foster system and started acting out, causing her to fall down a spiral of troubles that push those who love her away, and as a result she seeks love in all the wrong places. First she seduces her priest, then later on in life she seduces her son. Dr. Alphonse wants her to find a common thread between the men she is attracted to, and she begins to tell you the story about how she first slept with her son, Jonathan.
It was a humid night, she was laying in the bed with her husband and thinking about him. You could say that this was a sort of premeditated crime as Penny left her makeup and jewelry on as she waited and waited for her husband to start snoring deeply. He never wakes up when he's in that state. She lifts his heavy arm off her chest and slides on her heels. She walks on the tip toes as the thunder starts to rumble, the rain begins to fall creating a perfect backdrop for her seduction. She sees her son, sleeping like a gift from God, just for her, in his bed. She peels off this blanket and brushes his thick black hair out of his face, "Jonathan, baby, it's Mommy..”

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