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Description: It's 10pm , my son is at his father's house tonight, I sign onto my webcam . I'm surprised to see over 30 guys in my room! A couple of the guys ask me to do a group session, but I'd rather aim for bigger fish, "does anyone want to do a private session with me ?" I teased them with my body and purr, "anything goes." One man, RobbyApples , clicks to take me in the private session. I get right to it, teasing him, stripping, but he keeps asking me questions like, "Are you a real Mother? Why are you webcamming?" I'm a little taken back because usually guys want me to masturbate right away, and hey-- that's fine with me, I'm curious about his fetish .

I answer truthfully. I am intrigued by " RobbyApples ." He wants to know so much about me, and most men would rather cum with me and go. He tells me that his deepest, darkest fantasy is to make love to his mother, and I gasp, I've always fantasized about my son. We are so connected. I have never been so turned on by a man online before, I confess that I've always fantasized about being bold and asking my son to show me his cock. The door opens, it's my son ! I'm shocked, and embarrassed. I explain to him that it was a little white lie, I just wanted to turn the guy on who was paying me for his fetish. He shakes his head, he won't listen to my lie, he can always tell when I lie, I'm terrible at it.

He tells me he's taped all my shows and he will post it to FacePage if I don't show him my pussy. I try to bargain with him by showing him my breasts, but he insists on seeing more, and then he wants to touch me. I try not to show him that I am feeling pleasure, I bite my lip, but he feels me cum, over and over.

The video starts with some fingering followed by a blowjob while still being fingered. They switch to missionary and doggy style and finish with a cumshot on the ass.