MissaX Dont Say A Word Act 1 and 2

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Description: MissaX Dont Say A Word Act 1 and 2

Don't Say A Word: Act I

Cast : Brad Newman, Tyler Nixon, Vera King


Vera King has sneaky sex with her stepson, Tyler Nixon. Her husband, his father, Brad Newman is sleeping like a rock on the sofa. He wakes just as she is getting dressed, she's not been caught, but he picks her up and carries her up to the stairs when he wakes and sees her. He wants to fuck her. Her stepson's creampie seeps down her thigh as her body is frozen in fear. He can NOT find out.Prelude: I'm laying in bed at night and I'm turned on. My husband has been crashing on the sofa for a long time, and it doesn't bother me at all that's he's not in my bed, my mind is on another man. I hear the TV faintly from downstairs, and then I hear my stepson's voice. My finger slides in between my slippery pussy lips. I ache for him. I know it's wrong, but I flirt with him shamelessly. I can't tell you when it started, I close my eyes and my finger slips into my wanting little pussy as I try to pinpoint the moment when I knew it, I was in love with him. I begin to pump my finger in and out as I imagine his arms around my waist, pulling me in to sit on his lap, he does that so often. I hear my husband yell at the TV, loud and obnoxious yelling about some foul play the ref made. I groan as I pull my finger out of my pussy. I scrunch my brow together, finger fucking myself and blissfully falling asleep alone in my King sized bed isn't an option tonight. I pull myself from my bed, the cool Autumn air hits my body. It's funny how I went from sweat pants and oversized terry cloth robes to satin nighties and silk-blend robes. I know I wear them for him, and I now I can't wait to see him.

Sex acts include Blowjob, Crab, Creampie, Cuckold, Cumshot, Kneeling Sinner, Lap Dance, Standing Doggy, Mixed Missionary, Cowgirl. Cast : Alex Blake, Brad Newman, Tyler Nixon, Vera King


Alex begs Tyler to forgive her, she uses her power of youthful seduction to bring a hesitant Tyler Nixon in. In the morning Dad drives Tyler to college, Vera comes along on the road trip. Tyler coerces Vera into hushed, romantic sex while his unsuspecting father drives.Tyler Nixon's girlfriend, Alex Blake, is suspicious of the relationship between Tyler and his stepmother Vera King. After a very tense argument, and tensions between his father Brad Newman and Vera, he went to his bed early. The frustrations of the day will melt away tomorrow, and he'll be going to school. Tyler's head hits the pillow filled with hope and excitement for the new adventures he'll have in college until the sound of the window opening breaks him out of the dream. Alex tumbles out of the window onto the floor. She's come to tell him she's sorry, to beg his forgiveness, and she teases him with her body until he can't say no.Vera hears the sound of her stepson making love to his girlfriend and she lifts Brad's heavy arm off of her. She pours wine into a tea mug as she tries to calm herself, Tyler comes downstairs and sees his beautiful stepmom. He sees that she's jealous and it turns him on. He corners her against the countertop but Brad interrupts the romance.

Sex acts include pussy licking, Missionary, Folded Missionary, Open Missionary, Doggy, Cumshot, Lap Dance
Models: Tyler Nixon