MissaX.com - Mommy Becomes My Bitch II

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Description: Mommy Becomes My Bitch II

Includes: Violet Monroe, Robot sex obsessed son trains Mommy to be drooling cum hungry bitch.

My son's principal called me today to inform me that my boy wasn't going to class. I snuck into his room since he wasn't answering my text messages and what I saw was frightening! He's been obsessed with robots, some of them look like real women! I check his computer. I sift through so much porn from "Cum Hungry Bitches" and find his calendar, I find out just where he's been and see that there's a robot convention next week that my naughty boy "thinks" he's going to, but oh no.. he's going to be grounded forever.

I break the news to him and he pulls out a remote control. He thinks I want to play with these silly "ruff"bots?! Did I just bark? I shake the idea off, and he points the remote at me once more. I continue on talking to him while I am unbuttoning my blouse, "if you were well behaved, you'd inherit your grandfather's 'ruff's Royce.'" I notice my camisole is exposed, my shoulders and arms bare, and I'm confused. "It's hot in here?" It must be hot in here, why else would I...? My legs begin to spread open revealing my satin and lace panties. I gasp in shock, "Arf!" He points the remote at me once more and I finally make the connection, it's him! He's doing this to me!

I try to move, if I run out the door, I can break free of his spell. My legs feel so heavy. He pushes another button and I find myself in heat! I'm horny just like a bitch in heat! I pop up on the sofa and rub my pussy back and forth furiously on the top of the sofa. My tongue hangs out as I pant, pant, pant. Oooh... my pussy feels so good sliding back and forth. I could...cum mmm...from... the mmmph grinding, but then..

My son shows me a ball. I know full well that the ball belongs to Fido, but it is irresistible to me. It shines and glistens like a 5 million dollar diamond, and I would do just anything to have it. He tosses it and I bring it back. I come to my senses, what in the hell am I doing? What is HE doing to me?! I am a strong willed woman, and I try my best to break out of this spell. He peels up my skirt, down my panties, and spanks me! *Whap, whap, whap!* I blush *woof!* I whimper as he pulls out his cock.

I am so horny as he fucks me hard, doggiestyle, over the sofa. I whimper and moan, and try my hardest to not show how turned on I am. He flips me over and fucks me deep, looking into my eyes with my legs in both of his hands. The remote is pressing up against my skin when he cums, he squeezes my legs and cums deep into my pussy. I cum with him. I watch him leave the room, pressing the remote at me once more.

I wake up on the sofa with warm wetness in between my legs. My head is aching, my legs are trembling, my body is trembles in the after glow. "What happened to me?" I remember my son is home, and he can't see me like this. I hurry to cover myself. I try hard to remember what happened. Snippets of memories pass through my mind, fuzzy, the computer, the robots, the training, and the fucking, oh my God-- did I just have sex with my son? "Did he make me one of his cum hungry bitches?" Grrrrrrowl.