MissaX - Penny Pax - Dear Diary II

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I'm having a glass of wine and looking at my family photo album. I smile at the warm memories, my handsome son is looking more and more like his father every year. I hear the clock chime downstairs and I know he'll be home soon. I get into the tub, I'm in such a dirty mood and I hope the tub is going to cleanse me of my filthy thoughts. I shut the bathroom door, but then think twice, I open it. I'm playing a dangerous game with him, and I am feeling more and more brazen with every sip of wine.

He doesn't know that I see him watch me through the keyhole, with the door ajar, he might have the courage to walk right in and see my body, naked, my porcelain skin glistens wet next to the candles I lit. He watches me, I cum for him, but this time I try to make more eye contact to encourage him to show himself to me. I'm tired of fantasizing and I want to touch him, I want to feel him inside of me. I want to show him the type of love that he'll never find with another woman, it'll be the ultimate experience for the both of us. He doesn't show himself, and I feel heavy with disappointment. I finish my glass of wine, I'm still horny, I need him. I need to show him that he needs me.

Watch the story unfold..

Virtual sex scene from MissaX featuring Penny Pax playing your mother. First we hear an internal monologue where Penny grapples with her romantic feelings for her son. She decides to take a bath and let her son watch through the door she left open. She decides to then get changed for a 'date night' with her son. Her son comes in and Penny admits her feelings for her son. She then starts giving him (you) a blowjob. Things then escalate to sex and you cum inside her.
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