MissaX.com - Abstinence II

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Description: Abstinence II

Includes: Sexually pent up religious mom tricks son into giving her his virginity, hand job, creampie, Lyra Louvel shows off her acting range in this Oscar-worthy role.

My son has been writing notes to that little harlot Jenny in class. I snooped in his backpack to see that it was true. I can't allow him to be tempted by her, she is not worthy for my son, her family doesn't even attend church. My son is silent when I read him the passage from the bible about obeying thy mother. He knows that his mother is next to God, and he is very ashamed of his behavior.

I'm not angry at my little bear. I want him to repent. I have a special way of getting all that sinful poison out of his system. He looks into my eyes as I purr to him just exactly how he will please me, a mother is second to the Lord. "Let Mommy save you."

Watch my pussy pulsate as my orgasm continues after my son cums deep into my sweet southern peach. My pussy is perfect, pink, and his eyes are wide as he watches my my petals throb as his hot cum spills all over my reading chair. "Go to your room, Mommy will be up in a minute."