MissaX.com - Mommy Takes the Poison Out II

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Description: Mommy Takes the Poison Out II

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My son is finally going on his first date! I know he is a shy boy, which is why all of his friends have went out on dates before him, but tonight is his big night. I look him over to make sure he is dressed properly, is he going to bring her a gift, he needs to make me look good, the girl will need to know that I raised him right. He's about to head out the door when I ask him if he has drained himself?

He can absolutely not go on a date with a loaded weapon, he needs to make sure he is properly drained. I order him upstairs right away to take care of it before he goes on his date. I check in on him. He's supposed to pick up the young girl at 7pm, he can't be late, people will think I raised him improperly. I check out the porn on his iPad, and watch with him, I need to help my young man cum. I'm impressed with the size of his cock, and he's shy, but I help build his confidence with stroking and looking at his mother. I take it farther and farther, first his head in-between my legs, and then I tease the head of his cock with my wet, pink pussy. I'm merely helping the boy cum so he won't be late on his date. I am a very helpful mother. I admit that I have a little bit of a secret agenda, I want to make sure my son knows that his mother is the number one woman in his life. He will remember his mother cums first, always, for the rest of his life.