[MissaX] Natasha Nice - Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed III

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Description: Natasha has a lover, a husband, and a son, Robby. Robby knows she's messing around with her boss, Evan, and he thinks it's really fucked up. His dad is a saint, he works so hard so Natasha can be a stay at home mom, so she can afford her retail addiction, her personal training sessions to keep her curvy body flawless, and THIS is how she repays him? He pulls out his phone and starts to take her coo-ing sexy things to Evan. Robby seethes as he listens and tapes, she's going to end her relationship with either Dad or Evan, but he didn't know that the two were scheming to steal inheritance money away from Evan's wife. He listens in shock as he hears how she plans to leave his father, Evan will leave his wife, and the two will live rich and carefree just as soon as the check clears.

Robby leans in close trying to capture every word, his forehead hit the stair's railing and made a terrible *thud,* Natasha turned around and gasped. She ordered Robby to come downstairs, and quickly ended her phone call with Evan. Natasha truly believes that if she explains to her son why she has a lover, the boy will understand, he'll keep quiet, of course he loves her, and she's always had a close relationship with him. Robby scoffs at her excuse for cheating and tells her what she needs to do to keep quiet, he wants a kiss. Natasha is not so sure about kissing her son, she's never felt a romantic attraction to him, he's her son, she raised him, but here he is, inching close to her, she smells his masculine scent, and she tries to turn her head. Does she feel a little turned on? Yes, but oh.. she shouldn't show it. Robby pulls her in close and she feels vulnerable, feminine, and girlish as he kisses her on the lips. She feels herself kiss him back. Includes blowjob, tit sucking, face fuck, missionary and creampie.
Models: Natasha Nice