MissaX.com - Never Wake a Sleep Walker IV

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Description: Never Wake a Sleep Walker IV

Includes: Josette Duval, sleep walker son can not be woken or else he has heart attack, blow job, sex, cream pie

My son is home from his week's stay at The Sleep Institute of Pleasantville. I wish his father could be here to enjoy his first stay home, but he had to go out of town to work. I put my son to bed, and forgot to give him his new medication. I relax in my bedroom and talk with my best girlfriend. While we are exchanging pleasantries my son walks in and he's asleep.I relay the information to my girlfriend. I giggle at how funny he looks stumbling around, and he takes off his underoos! She advises me "Wake him up!" I tell her that the doctor told me how I could damage his heart, possibly even start a heart attack if I wake him while he is sleeping. The doctor just advised me to monitor him and make sure he is safe. While I am discussing this information my clumsy son paws at me.I shoo away his hands gently, then he grabs my thigh and lifts me up, taking off my panties. I tell my girlfriend what he is doing play-by-play, and assure her that he will never remember it in the morning. The most important thing to me is keeping him safe and occupied until he inevitable collapses and sleeps. He begins to touch his pee-pee "Gosh.. I guess he is at that age."

I let him do with me what he wants, I am afraid of disrupting him, then he begins to paw at me, take my panties off. I moan when he touches me, and then try to muffle the sound of pleasure so my girlfriend doesn't hear. "Omgosh, so embarrassing, I can't believe my son is.. just never mind" He then takes his cock and I realize he is just horny. If I make him cum he'll never remember it and go back to sleep. I put him inside of my mouth. I get off the phone with my friend. I tell her I will call her tomorrow morning and tell her how it all pans out. My son takes his cock and clumsily pushes it in my hot mouth. I suck on it, trying to get him to cum for me. He fucks me and I whisper at him to thrust his hips back and forth, baby, mmm... mommy's good boy. He peeks at me with one eye open and I don't notice. I cum and he cums deep inside of me. "Good boy."