[MissaX.com / Clips4Sale.com] Lyra Law - Sexting II

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Description: My mom is a sweetheart, the sort of Mother you'd see on a 50's sitcom, perfectly proper housewife, overprotective of me, her only son, and so pure and innocent. I get the feeling that even though she is proper she has dirty thoughts, there's an indescribable tension when she is near to me. She kisses me on the cheek every time I leave the house, the kisses have been migrating closer and closer to the corner of my mouth, her eyes locked on mine to gauge my reaction.

She met Dad in High School and they've been together since then. My Dad is a nice hard working sort of guy, but I'm pretty sure they have have zero sex life, they don't always sleep in the same bedroom anymore. He usually comes home late, I hear him tinkering around in the garage, he eats dinner, takes a shower and watches TV on the sofa until he sleeps there. In the morning Mom will turn off the TV, kiss him good morning and make sure I get to school on time. The relationship between myself and my father is odd. I find myself hating him for no reason at all, seething with a sort of jealousy when Mom helps him pull on his winter coat.

I've played out different fantasy scenarios where I trick Mom into having sex with me. In my dreams she loves it. She discovers it's me, and she has wild, passionate sex with me. I want her green eyes locked on mine whens she is sucking my dick, her sweet lips that I'm so familiar with locked tightly around my cock. In my dreams, she learns that I am the only man she'll ever need. She leaves Dad and I get to take her whenever I want, in all the ways I fantasize about.

Dad leaves for work this morning. It's Monday, it's Martin Luther King Day and I have the day off of school. It's the perfect opportunity to play out one of my fantasies to see how Mom reacts.

He eats her out while she is blindfolded and then fucks her on her back and cums in her pussy which you don't get to see.
In the 2nd scene he goes to comfort her and ends up giving her a message that leads to some nice standing up fucking with her off the ground and her legs wrapped around him and again cums in her pussy.