MissaX - Blackmail My Boy

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My husband is working late again and I am sexually frustrated. I've worn out all my PlayGirl porn magazines, and now I am trying to unwind with a sexy story. It's not working. My son knocks on the door, he always kisses me goodnight.

I quickly devise a wicked plan to make him buy a PlayGirl for me. I tell him I've known for some time that he's been sneaking in daddy's cabinet to steal money, and I've covered for him, not anymore unless, of course, he goes to the 7-11 and buys a PlayGirl for me. He tenses up, "No, people will think I'm gay." I remind him how strict his father is, and "when he finds out you are using the money you steal for gambling your father will be livid." The boy stiffens his lip, he's thinking on how to respond. I see his muscles tense and it reminds me a bit of those hot guys that I love so much in the magazines. I have a new plan.

I ask him to put a shopping bag over his head, take off his clothes so I can see his body. I look at his body and tell him to stroke his shaft while I sneak out my vibrator. He does, reluctantly, and I am enjoying it.. a little. His punishment is not severe enough for the crime, I tell him, "you're going to have to help Mommy out a little more." I want him to hold the vibrator on my puffy pussy lips while I grind up and down on it. I cum hard, I see him sneaking peeks out of the bag. I roll my eyes and take the bag off. I'm still not satisfied.

I know the boy is a virgin, and I won't take his virginity, but I just want to feel the head of his cock against my tight little pussy while I buzz my clit with the vibrator. You wouldn't believe it, but it was HIM that crossed the line! He kept pressing into my eager pussy, I was pulsating, so wet, and my pussy welcomed him inside. My naughty boy was fucking me and I looked him in the eye. I need him to remember his first time as a happy experience, so I make sure he does it right. He cums in my pussy, he's still hard. I think he likes being Mommy's little helper.