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Description: Bad Medicine I.5

Includes: three cumshots: handjob, oral, cream pie, mommy turns the tables on naughty son

I'm getting ready in a hurry, I have a major day at work today. My son comes in as I am getting myself together I ask, "have you had your cornflakes, did you bring mommy coffee?" I pull on my jacket and see my son is still in his pajamas. "Where's your jeans, we have 20 minutes until we need to go." The boy stands there with a massive boner in his pants. I sigh, "I hope that is just morning wood."

I have a feeling my son has been sneaking his father's boner pills. Every since last season, when I accidentally slipped him a viagra instead of tylenol the pills have been disappearing from the medicine cabinet. I ask him to confess that he took it and he shyly nods. Last time I embarrassed myself by doing lewd things to my son, and I could tell the boy liked it, he probably thinks I will do the same thing but "oh, no.." I tell the boy to drop his pants and I stand and give him a hand job with a countdown. He needs to look into my eyes and cum hard, drain those young balls so he can go to school. The teacher has had it with me. The boy was late twice last week, and I can't have her thinking that I allow my son to go to school with a boner. What will she think of me?

The boy cums for me, and he cums so hard that I am surprised his boner is still raging. I can't believe I give my mouth to him, even instructing him to "pile drive mommy's mouth, like a good boy." He grabs my pussy which surprises me, turns me on although I try my very best to hide that. He cums the most massive load of cum in my mouth, nearly choking me as it hits my eye, spills down my chin, I swallow the load he dropped in my mouth, and run the remainder of his warm cum into my pussy. He watches me, eyes wide, jaw dropped, I know what he's thinking as he stands there with his still raging, pulsating cock. "Just two pumps," I instruct.

When he puts his cock into me, I make sure he learns proper sex etiquette. He hits my little spot and we cum together He makes my pussy visibly quiver, tremble, and pulsate. We can make it to school on time if I put the pedal to the metal. I'm a good mother, of course there's nothing I need to be ashamed of; I've cured my boy of his embarrassing erection.