MissaX.com - Bad Medicine IV

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Description: Bad Medicine IV

Includes: Son viagra debacle, Three cum shots (one in mouth, two creampies)

Mommy is making breakfast for her son. She's convinced him to pick a college close to home so she can take care of him, and make sure he is getting good grades. Mommy's boy is sweet, intelligent but can be a little lazy when it comes to academics, in fact, Mommy must wake him up every morning to be sure he gets to school on time. Today is an important day, exam day!

JD makes cough while Mommy places the napkin in his lap. "Oh no, no, no young man. It's not like High School where I can call you in sick. This is college! You've got to make it to class." She thinks it over, and remembers his father has antibiotics upstairs that cured his fever within a day. "They should wipe out your little cold within minutes," she rushes to grab them. She made a mistake when she hurried herself to the medicine cabinet, she grabbed Daddy's boner pills!

JD takes them, smiles at Mommy, while Mommy coos sweet words to her little boy. "You're growing up so fast," she purrs, "look how muscular you are now.." he looks down Mommy's camisole and his boner fills up and rises nearly bursting out of his pajama pants. Mommy notices and gasps. "It's ok, nothing to be ashamed of." She considers telling him to take care of it himself, but he is so young, there is no way he knows how to navigate an erection like she can. "I'll talk you through it, don't be embarrassed, this will be fast." She promises she won't look as she instructs him to stroke, but she can't help but peek at how massive the erection is. She stumbles over her words like a school girl with a crush, and she drops to her knees. "Let Mommy kiss it." He cums in her mouth.

She knows the sweet boy has not yet had sex, and she hates to be his first, but sometimes mothers have to make difficult decisions. "You have to get to class on time, darling." She takes off her clothes, her curvy body, her fair skin, her black lingerie looks perfect. He almost cums just by looking at her, but when she pushes the head of his cock into her tight, wet, pink pussy, he lets out an audible exhale. Mommy's pussy feels incredible, she talks him through how to touch a woman, and he grabs her ass, thrusting up and down on his thick cock. He cums deep inside of her..... but... a problem, he's still hard!

She lays down on the table and he stands up close to her. Their mouths so close, inhaling and exhaling inside of each other, he paints her pussy up and down with the head of his cock. She begs to be fucked. Baby boy fucks his Mommy deep and cums inside of her. She shakes from her orgasm. There is just no way he will go to school, look at how hard he is! "Mommy has to keep you home today."