Tara Tainton - Overdeveloped Stepson - Family Movie Night

Duration: 25:19 Views: 6.4K Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: Handling the Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon's Needs on Family Movie Night (avi)

Another in Tara Tainton's virtual POV clips in which you're in the role of her stepson who has a medical condition: a large cock that needs constant attention. In this clip you're out to the movies with your stepmom and father, during the movie however your condition needs attention and even again after on the ride home your stepmom even has your dad pull over and wait in the driver's seat as she fucks you in the back.

This is a fetish, softcore, solo, virtual-POV clip. Tara is the only one you see or who does any of the talking but communication with the stepson and the father is implied.

Description from site:

It's so nice for all three of us to spend some quality time together. Things have been so... awkward lately. My stepson's medical issues with his overdeveloped cock just aren't subsiding and his needs are exhausting me... not to mention how difficult it is for my husband to see me having to handle his boy's overgrown cock in a variety of different ways. It's like an that can't be satiated! I couldn't wait to just sink into a comfortable seat at the theater and enjoy the company of my two favorite men: my stepson and my very understanding husband. Of course, they chose some scary film, something to make me jump in my seat, bouncing all over the place, and even dropping popcorn down my cleavage! As if it wasn't already embarrassing to have to get up and disturb all the moviegoers when I rushed to get a snack for my stepson who just seemed to be coming down with something again. I don't know what happens; at the turn of a hat, he'll grow all pale, start to sweat, and... oh, no! It's happening again! One moment I'm reaching for the popcorn in his lap; and the next moment, I feel a hot, hard snake in my hand! I had no choice but to handle the situation immediately, right there during the movie, as quietly as possible. Oh, and when his huge dick demanded attention on the way home from the theater, right there in the car, I thought my husband might divorce me for having to make him pull over immediately so I could fuck my stepson in the back seat! Oh, I just want to be a good stepmother!

Tempts your tastes for... taboo, MILF, big cock praise, cleavage/downblouse, virtual sex, role play, older woman, public, outdoors, virtual handjob, big breasts, striptease, cock tease, female desperation, and cuckolding of your poor stepfather!
Models: Tara Tainton