Tara Tainton - Your Third Road Trip Together Tempts You Beyond Control

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Description: This is truly unbelievable. Even when I reserve a room in an upscale hotel for a guaranteed double room, I get just ONE bed! Now, how am I supposed to share a bed with my own son?!?

I just Im just not going to worry about it right now. Were both exhausted. Its been a very long drive this time. I dont know why I even try, but even stressing the situation to the desk clerk downstairs doesnt result in any solution. The hotels fully booked. Im sure it will be all right. Were going to take a swim at the hotel pool and just relax right after I change into my bikini quickly.

Oh, I cant wait to just rest! When we returned to the room, my son was acting a bit strange fiddling with his wet swim trunks I guess they just must be uncomfortable for a boy after a hard swim. He seems a bit out of sorts, but Ill do what I can to just convince him to take a nap. Im going to after all.

Im just so tired. If I could just get him to lie still and actually be quiet so I can drift off I cant even remember what I dreamed about but for some reason, my swimsuits almost completely off my body as I wake up next to my sleeping son!

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