Tara Tainton - Happy Birthday... I Love You SO Very Much

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Description: I brought you breakfast... in bed!! Oh, aren't you excited that it's your birthday?! Finally?! I love you soooo sooooo much... I'm so proud of you... you're such a great son... and... well, I have a VERY special gift for you. Yes, I do. It's something that I know you want, but you're too shy to ask for. I'm your mom, and I know EVERYTHING about you... EVERYTHING that you want. Would you like me to tell you what my special gift for you is? Are you ready for it??

Tara Tainton, your mother, comes into your room on your birthday with breakfast in bed and tells you she has a very special present for you. The present is sex with her. Virtual sex scene ensues with kissing, handjob, woman on top, and missionary.
Models: Tara Tainton