Tara Tainton - I've Never Done THAT Before! But I Will, for My Son... Even When Daddy's in the Room

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Description: I'm a woman of my word... AND I take my role of motherhood very seriously. Honey, it's just as I said when you turned 18: in this house, fucking your mother is as natural as saying "hello!" You just let me know when the urge strikes you... even if I'm barely awake and still in the bed in the morning, even if your father's right here in the room. But... I've never... a blowjob?! Well, I... I never have with your father and... I never will. But, since you've asked... just because I've never granted that wish of your father's, well, that doesn't mean you're going to have to go without. Just be patient with your mother... this is my first time. And, honey, of course I've never heard of a 69! But for you...
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Models: Tara Tainton