Tara Tainton - Parental Guidance Suggested

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Description: Parental Guidance Suggested

You guys all know who Tara Tainton is, so you know you're going to download this regardless of what I type here...

In this untouched video from clips4sale, Tara is playing your mother, who has just found you in bed watching porn. Tara decides you need some parental guidance, but soon gets a little carried away. She starts by showing you her boobs, and then stripping naked so you can see everything. Next thing you know, she's giving you a (simulated) blowjob! Of course you blow your load in her face--just try to pretend you would be able to resist with Tara going down on you!

I was disappointed there weren't any up-close views of anything but her tits. And the video quality is not as good as I would have expected for $40! But you guys aren't going to complain about a new Tara video, are you?

From the website:
Parental Guidance Suggested

I caught my son watching porn, in the privacy of his bed in the middle of the night. I was shocked at first but... I do understand a boy has... needs. I thought it best if I allowed him to continue watching... but with parental guidance. I believe in honesty... full disclosure... when it comes to raising a son, answering his questions, teaching him how to behave, how to treat a woman, that sex is natural, beautiful, fun. I babbled on about foreplay, intercourse... even fetishes... while we watched his chosen sort of porn. I thought it was all going so well, just a bit of impromptu sex ed.... THEN HE TOUCHED MY BREAST. I'm sure it wasn't premeditated, I'm sure he never even would've guessed he'd be moved to do such a thing. But it happened and... that's when I learned the poor boy has no sexual experience at all - HAD no experience at all. He's never even seen a naked woman before. I did the only natural thing, the right thing for a mother to do: I showed him my breasts. I allowed him to touch them. I guess it was only natural to find he had an erection. I admit... I was flattered my son actually found me sexy, attractive. He started jerking... I kind of liked it. Then, he asked to see the rest of me... So, what else was I supposed to do?
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