Don't Tell Your Father - Tara Tainton

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Description: ** WARNING ** This scene is not for the faint of heart. This intense video experience, by your adamant request, is for the truest, strongest, most selective connoisseurs of taboo erotica. This very performance, the encounter you are about to witness and FEEL for yourself, is the most powerful and extraordinary ever filmed in the taboo genre. It is agonizingly GRADUAL, acutely NATURAL, fiercely angst-provoking. What you are about to enjoy, perhaps changing your life forever, is forcibly STIRRING, morality JARRING, profoundly GUILT-RIDDEN, and cock-achingly vivid. THIS is the experience you may never have known you NEED, but you won't ever again be able to live without it. It's waiting for you... if you're ready.

Tara finds her son doing her homework in her room. Tara talks about how old her son has gotten, and her son convinces her to play an imagination game where they pretend to be on vacation on a beach. Tara ends up in her bra as a replacement for a bikini for the beach as the conversation between the two turns in to her son going off to college. Later on the son off-handedly mentions a secret, and the mother takes to trying to get her son to tell her via childhood threats of embarrassing him via tickling and kissing him all over. She ends up pinning him to get the secret, which results in him telling her his secret (no male voice so you can guess what it is) which ends with her fucking him. Tara ends up leaving her son in her bed as she goes to make dinner before her husband comes home.
Models: Tara Tainton