Tara Tainton - My Big Plans for My Little Girl

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Description: My little girl-boy is growing up... you're turning 16 - sweet 16 - and I'm so very proud of what you've become. No, no, no... it's too late for you to ever be a boy. I might as well share with you now that I've been feeding you hormone-blockers since you were nine. Yes, dear, all those horrible male hormones have been stifled through your important growing years. And here you are, budding little breasts and gaining curves and delicate features. Mommy loves her beautiful little girl. You can never be a real man: you're too short and your penis was stunted at just half an inch erect. Isn't that right. Now, it's time for you to become a woman. I'm so proud of you, my darling daughter. You're sweet and innocent and... perfect for taking on the needs of my boyfriends I've grown tired of succumbing to myself. I'm going to tell you exactly what the next few years are going to be like for my grownup girl.... in enthusiastic, juicy, dirty detail. Yes, I'm going to introduce your pouty little mouth to my boyfriends' cocks. You're going to start by giving them head so mommy can have a break. Now, I know you're getting those "feelings down there," and I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself coming before those desirous men do pumping their dicks into your mouth. I'll take that as a sign that you want more... that will be the time to start your dildo training, and we'll work up to a strap-on. Mommy will help stretch your asshole to accommodate the real thing. Oh, the occasion of my little girl losing her anal virginity will be such a special occasion!! We'll dress you up and... I'll introduce you to my friend with the BIGGEST dick you've ever seen. Don't worry; you can take it, honey, I know you can. You will come just as he does... In fact, you won't be permitted to masturbate or touch yourself. You can only come as a girl, the way that girls do. Everyone will want a piece of my sweet little girl; you're going to earn mommy so much money each and every night...
Models: Tara Tainton