Tara Tainton - I Always Knew My Stepson Was a Big Perv

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"God... if only I had known. I would've... would've... PUNISHED you in some way. Oh, but I did anyway, didn't I. hee hee.

You couldn't help yourself: standing there, just waiting for me to come out of the bathroom after my shower. Yes, you hoped to see something, didn't you. You were watching me for so long.

Did you see me make myself come? See my bare tits? Watch my slide on my silky sheer pantyhose? You little perv... but you had to have more, didn't you. Yes, waiting for me like that - hoping - for something.

I hope you got what you deserve."

Starts with a naked Tara masturbating in the shower from the waist up. She dries herself off and slips on pantyhose. She walks out of the shower to find her son was watching her the whole time. She scolds you then proceeds into a joi. Scene contains dirty talk, cleavage, jiggling, joi, tits, and pussy through pantyhose.
Models: Tara Tainton