Tara Tainton - Do You Need One of Mommy's Special Treats?

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Description: Official Description:
What's the matter, honey? Do you need one of Mommy's special treats? Hmmm? Will that make you feel better? Well, why don't you get your cock out, and Mommy will take care of everything. Okay?

Now, how would you like something extra special this time? Something new? Something for grownup boys? It's call "edging.” Mommy's going to treat you to ten fast, smooth, squeezing strokes... then ten super slow and sexy strokes. And YOU have to try not to come until I'm all done.

Think you can do that? Good boy...

Uploader Description:
Tara talks to you the viewer pov-style, the official description above pretty much sums the "story" up. Some dirty talk, edging kinda-stuff and virtual handjob, thats it. She opens up her blouse, shows her legendary cleavage and finally ends up showing us her bazookas. No stunt-cock, no dildo, no fake cum. It's all in your fantasy boys, get that head of yours to work and imagine the cum.

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