Tara Tainton - She Wants It

Duration: 22:35 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 9 months ago
Description: In this clip, you see Tara doing chores in her dress with no bra on, and throughout the clip, her son is fantasizing about her and all the things she should be doing to him. She takes off her dress and plays with her tits and teases with an iron. At the end of the clip, the son makes his fantasies a realty and has sex with his mom. This clip is virtual sex and dirty talk only.

Official clips4sale description: "Does she want it? Does she really? Do you even have a real basis in reality now? Your hormones are taking over, your mother looks more and more sexy-hot every time you see her going about her household business before you, and it's all you can do to keep your cock in your own pants. You fade in and out of one sexy dream after another, living out every fantasy you can imagine your unsuspecting mother in the midst of. In your mind, she's teasing, taunting, revealing, and coming onto you so strongly... in reality, she's merely doing the ironing, vacuuming, and being the completely innocent mother you crave so much. Your mind wanders so much that, by the time she asks for your help with an ordinary household task, you fully believe your own mother has come on to you, and you aggressively take her request for your help as a sexual invitation..."
Models: Tara Tainton